Sunday, 11 December 2011

Binky Fairy-Saying Goodbye to Binky

Both of my kidlets have had binky's since they were babies. Before I had kids I was sure that I would not be giving binky's to my children but that quickly changed, along with a lot of things :). When my son was born he was placed in the NICU and was not aloud physical contact for the first 8 days of his life. One night a nurse had given him a binky when he was crying. I was upset to find it in the morning and asked why it had been given to him, the nurse responded with "It is his only comfort right now." After I picked my heart up off the floor, I agreed (how could I have been so silly) and he had it ever since.

When my daughter came along, she received a binky too. They had their binky's only at nap and bedtime, when they came out of the crib the binky stayed behind. We decided that the transition into their big boy/girl beds was the perfect time to do away with the binky.

 We spent a good amount of time before hand letting them know that they were getting a big boy/girl bed and once that happened we would be mailing the binky's to the Binky Fairy who would give them to babies who needed them. Once the day arrived and the new bed was up, we would have our bedtime routine and then go mail the binky's. At our apartment we stuck them in our mailbox downstairs (as seen in video) and at our home we put them in our outside mailbox. You are not actually mailing the binky's anywhere but the kids don't know this. After they go to bed, make sure you remove them from the mailbox for safe keeping incase they want to check and make sure the Binky Fairy came. My son asked for his binky once with this technique and my daughter asked a few times. She had a little more trouble with the concept but after a week of a little whining at bed time, she was good to go and we haven't looked back ever since.

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  1. Aww that's a nice, cute idea there. But don't you think it's okay for children to have their pacifiers. Yes children do get too attached to it and I'm impressed that you've found a way to help them quit the habit when they start growing.