Friday, 9 December 2011

Kids Art Display Place

I might be one of those Mom's who wants to display absolutely everything their kids have ever made forever. I am a huge artsy-fartsy gal myself and maybe it's the physical proof that they have a little of me in them. Until recently, their art was hung on any square inch I could find, the fridge, the bulletin board, the office, anywhere. Then I found an idea that I fell in love with and I just had to run with it. I originally saw the 'clothes line' idea here. I loved the country rustic feel but I wanted mine to be interchangeable by theme or season so this is what I came up with. I omitted the flags (which I love) due to pure space, no flags = more art! Maybe in the spring I will do cloth flags on the clothes pins.
I placed four screws into the wall and hung and secured twine between the two. I then hot glued the current themed wooden decorations on top of the screws (that pop right off when I change them) and to cloths pins as well. The snowflakes and gingerbread men are buttons and the Santa hats are scrapbook embellishments. When the season or theme changes I change out the clothes pins and save them for the next year.  The newest addition to the display area is my wall decal. I purchased it through a Uppercase Living Party I attended, I had the paint splat colour coordinated to the rest of the house and now it has a happy home displaying art work.


  1. Love this idea as a solution to the never ending kids' art storage dilemma. Do I spy The Big Green Monster? I saw your link on the Uppercase Living Facebook page (I'm a demonsrator) and will be back to read your cleaning and organizing tips.

  2. Thank you! It was a monster theme in November around here. Glad to hear you will be checking back, do so often. Very new blog, just getting it off the ground, updating regularly. Thanks for your support, very much appreciated!