Friday, 16 December 2011


Hoot Hoot! These are a super simple, fun lunch for the kidlets. First thing you need is an owl cookie cutter and my favorite writers. I purchased my cookie cutter at the bulk barn and the food writers I get at Micheal's.

Make your sandwich first and then stamp out your shape, this helps hold the sandwhootch together better. Any kind of sandwich your kids like is fine, this one is ham & cheddar cheese which goes great with the pickle.
Once you have them stamped out, draw your details on. I find when I squish the bread down, the writers work better because there's less holes for the pen to drag in.
After that, get a pickle, slice it in half and slice out some shapes around the edge to form your branch. If transporting in a lunch pail, I often put a tiny bit of mayo or butter on the bottom of the sandwhootch and branch to act as the 'glue'. That's it. Happy Hooting!!! 

*Side note: If you have never tried pickles in your grilled cheese, you need to, it's amazing.*


  1. Soo cool. who who who would of thought of that?

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