Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Lego Organization aka Lego Sanity

Next stop on our journey...Lego. If your house is anything like our house, you have Lego popping up in every corner. We do not seem to misplace many pieces because our cat is not so sly when she tries to steal them. We hear them drop and off we go running to rescue them. We don't catch every piece and they have been found in bedrooms, front foyer, kitchen, wherever. My mission: save as many Lego pieces as possible and find some sanity. I knew for Christmas my little guy was getting Lego, but I was unaware of the magnitude. My fault really, I told everyone he LOVES Lego. No worries though, I had a plan that just needed expanding and still has room to grow in the future. This is our new Lego area.

First I purchased an IKEA table off of Kijiji. I knew I wanted an IKEA table (for size) but I don't have one near me, closest one is two hours away-no thank you. Kijiji never fails when in need! So for a mere $5.00 I had my table. I painted it black and purchased one of the Lego building bases from Toys R' Us. I used an all purpose adhesive caulk that I found at the hard ware store and glued it on top. I know you may have seen all sorts of different types of converted Lego tables, you can find them swarming the internet, but I needed a neat and compact way to store the Lego. I wanted something small, that I could mount on the wall and had lots of compartments to try and keep things slightly organized.
I found these nuts & bolts organizers that are meant for the garage or a work bench.

They are perfect in size and are mountable. I started out with two but after gaining 1250 pieces of new Lego this year, I needed another one. I found them at Solutions in the garage section. This is a time consuming project but once it's done it should be relatively easy to sweep through and clean up every now and then.
I pulled all the compartments out and sorted by type.

Like things went together in the bins (people, wheels, accessories, windows etc.) and I was done. I measured and marked the wall where I wanted the bins to go, anchored some screws and hung bins. If you have never anchored something to the wall before, this is a good place to start doing it, especially with little hands running the ship, you don't want this being pulled down. In the future there is potential to add more bins if need be.

So far, so good. My little guy loves his new Lego area and I don't hear the sound of all the Lego being dumped out on the table in one heaping mess. There is Lego sanity in the house right now, it's wonderful!

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  1. So smart! My guy is just 3, so no little legos yet...but someday I'm sure!

  2. They will come Steph, enjoy it while it last, good luck when it come ;)

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    1. Thanks Alison! Did you see your award??? ;)

  4. I started out with two but after gaining 1250 pieces of new Lego this year, I needed another one. lego tables for toddlers