Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Mamarazzi Mondays

Starting on Monday I wanted to begin a post where I can share my favorite picture(s) of the previous week from around here. As I have mentioned before I am a bit of a Mamarazzi. My son asks me frequently to stop taking pictures of them. I am still trying to convince him that they are necessary for memories and he will appreciate them later, but he is not buying that just yet. I'll keep working on it. Most of the time I get one of his characters in the photo, a silly face or a monster face or whom ever he is pretending to be at that moment. We are rarely ourselves around here, we wear many hats through out the day. Some of the favorites are The Grinch, Vampires, ANY animal or all in one day, Mommy or Daddy and they LOVE to pretend to be babies. My son plays the baby and my daughter plays the Mommy mostly. Sometimes they switch it up or both become the baby. Anyhoo, pretend is a big part of our day. My daughter is usually ready for the smile & "Cheese!" when far. So these photos may or may not be a character, a silly face or a grin ear to ear, but they will be one or two of my favorite pics from the previous week. WOW, keeping it to two max is going to be HARD, but I can do it! Hope you enjoy a fly-on-the-wall-peek into our week!

I know it's not Monday but I wanted to catch up on the last 5 weeks since I started Lifestyles Of The Stay-At-Home Mom. So for this one time only, I will show you my favs from the last 5 weeks around here. Hope you enjoy!
5 weeks ago, my kidlets snuggling on the couch

4 weeks ago, making gingerbread men & a mess

3 weeks ago, pulling each other in the sled @ Grandma & Grandpa's

2 weeks ago, playing in a box after all the new toys they received from Santa

Last week, finally a beautiful day & snow for tobogganing
 See you next Monday for Mamarazzi Monday!!


  1. Your kids are adorable! I loved that you posted these pics :) And I love the one of them playing in the typical after getting toys eh?! haha. Do they always get along well or do they bicker like mine do half the time?? lol

    1. They get along very well together, they call each other best friends. They have their moments of course. Usually it's my son who needs some space sometimes and he just knows to go play in his room if he needs some alone time. This does not happen often yet and does not last long. My daughter wants to be everywhere her brother is. She usually hollers for him from downstairs to come play if he is having alone time. One minute they bug one another, the next they are best friends again. :)

    2. That is so sweet that they get along so well! I noticed Cameron & Emma are starting to get along a lot better the older Emma gets (2 years in between them). I hope they stay close as they get older!! :)

  2. Hey Shantalle! I've awarded you with 'One Lovely Blog Award'...check out my blog to receive it :)

  3. Thank you so much Brandi!!! That is very sweet of you. WOW!! I really appreciate the compliment! Please check out the link and Brandi's blog @

  4. You're welcome!! You were the first person that came to mind ;)