Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Love Poem From My Hubby

I woke up to this poem that my hubby wrote for me and posted on my Facebook page. Please excuse me while I gush about my hubby for just one moment ;) Happy Valentine's Day Babe! I Love you more, every second of my life! xoxoxoxo 
Close your eyes, mushy gushy photo coming...
Its been almost 12 years in time
Since you kissed me driving down Bog Line
You found out “Girl of My Dreams” was for you
I was happy that you felt the same way too

From that cool day in March, the 27th to be exact
I’ve spent every day loving you fully, that’s a fact

We’ve experienced New food, new friends, new faces
New music, new movies, new games, new places
I can’t remember my life without you by my side
and no matter where I go with you, I feel pride

You make me want to be the best man I can
Your caring heart and good will, your always ready helping hand
You see life with a fresh and pure sense of delight
You make every day great, from Good morning to Goodnight

I’m still not quite sure what I did on that day
that made you see me in the same light, the same way
I had a feeling inside from our very first date
One day you’d be My best friend, My wife, My soul mate

Happy Valentines Day, to my beautiful Wife.
I married a great one huh? Ok, brag session over, going to spend V-Day with my hubby & kidlets, Happy V-Day everyone!!!


  1. How CUTE is that??!!! Seriously?? I love poems and love it even more when the man writes one :)

    1. Thanks Brandi, my hubby is a writer at the station now and he is exercising his chops ;) I found a great one, I am VERY lucky!

  2. How great is to see that when hubbies show their wife's a great love through poetry or poems. And this poem is really heart touching and wonderful to read. Great choice of words.