Friday, 13 July 2012

Banana Beach Bites

I'mmmmmm BaaAAAccckkkkkk!! Well sort of... I'm slowly starting the transition back into blogging, getting my feet wet a little during our transition.  We should be in our new home by mid August and once we settle, I can get back into the regular swing of things. :D We are currently 'camping' in a one bedroom apartment and spending tons-o-time outside at the park, with friends and family and wasting our days away at the BEACH! Naturally this makes me think... KIDLET FUN FOOD!

It's summer vacation here for the kidlets which means our school year has come to an end, as they do. To say good-bye to our friends and the fabulous teachers, we sent the little man to school with food! Typically, I wanted something nutritious first and fun second. I found these super cute cake pops, but cake pops unfortunately are not that healthy for you. Total bummer, right? So the wheels started turning and I came up with these little beauties.

Banana Beach Bites!

These cuties were super simple to make.

Here's what you will need:
-bananas (1 banana makes 2-3 bits)
-graham cracker crumbs
-blue candy melts
-gummie bears
-drink umbrellas
-plastic cups
-beach themed stickers (optional)
-cellophane bags

First you need to get your candy melts and heat them slowly in the microwave, stiring every 30 secs or so (like the package recommends). I learned this lesson tonight as I thought the melts where not melting and kept heating them (without stirring), just to melt the container they were in. Whoops! Mind the photos, we're camping here people ;)

Anyhoo, after you have done that, pour your melts into a tall container.

Next you need to place your graham crackers in a bowl for dunking.

 Chop up your first banana and start the dunking process. Remember to dunk half way down the banana to create your 'sand' as well as keep the banana from browning.

Next, flip the banana over and dunk the other half in the blue candy melts for your 'water'. Place banana 'water' side down into your plastic cup and refrigerate immediately.

Once you have all your bananas dunked, get your umbrellas and gummie bears and start pushing the umbrella toothpick through the gummie bears hand, to half way up the umbrella.

Once you have all your umbrellas placed, remove your bananas from the fridge and push the toothpick into the 'sand' so your gummie bear is lying on the 'beach'.

Lastly, decorate your cups now or in advance and place in a clear cellophane bag. Ta-Da, Banana Beach Bites! Once completed keep refrigerated until ready to serve.

These were a hit with the kidlets and I'm sure will make a reappearance around here in the future. Hope you all are having an awesome summer (or winter), where ever you are in the world!!

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