Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Yes, You May Play With Your Food!

We all see those posts out there of all different kinds of kids lunches that quite frankly must take hours to make. Making cute lunches doesn't need to cost tons of money, nor should it take hours compiled with frustration. It just needs to be fun!

I have gathered a few of my average lunches that I send my little kidlet to school with each day. Remember if you are new to making fun lunches, perfection is not what you are striving for, a simple smile from your kidlet is the goal!

This year my son has changed from 2 snacks and 1 lunch period per day to 2 "Nutritional Breaks". His breaks have more food than a typical snack but not quite as much as his old lunches. I'm not sure how I feel about this new system because it is not very true to real life, hmmm.... Anyhoo, you will see both below.  I like to send him a little note every now and then, letting him know that I am thinking about him and miss him and love him. I will do this until he tells me to cut it out because I'm embarrassing him ;)

Hopefully you will take a little inspiration from some of these and start having some fun with your food!!

Babybel Cheese with star cut out, Olives, Tomatoes & Face Pick and Fish Shaped Boiled Egg

Yogurt, Lychee fruit, Cookie, Grapes & Fruit Pick, Carrots, Pizza Loaf roll-up with dinosaur cut out & Fruit Leather

Babybel Cheese with edible glitter sun, Crackers, Fruit Leather, Peach, Coleslaw & Pork Skewers with Face Pick

Milk, Tomatoes, Apple sauce, Cheese with Pick, Dinosaur Kielbasa cut outs & Crackers

Juice, Pickles, Olives, Car Shaped Boiled Egg & Peach

Milk, Cheese string, Cookie, Greek Salad with Heart Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Feta and Greek Dressing

Juice, Carrots, Peach & Ham & Cheese Sandwich

Carrots, Wafers, Cheese string, Juice & Turkey Roll-up (face drawn on with edible markers)

Milk, Fruit Salad & Raisin Bread with Strawberry Cream Cheese

Go get out your cookie cutters and fancy picks and go play with your food. Next week I'll show you how to have fun with some Halloween lunches!

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  1. Love it! Where do you get food markers anyway?

    I wanted to invite you to Wonderful Food Wednesday at At Home Take 2... love it if you could link up 2-3 recipes. Hope to see you there.

    Jessica @ At Home Take 2... Check out our Wonderful Food Wednesday

    1. Thanks so much Jessica! I just uploaded a new post and will swing by on Wednesday ;) Thanks so much for the invite!!

  2. LOVE it! Makes me wish I was a kid so I could take lunch somewhere and use these cute boxes and cool markers. Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday. Can’t wait to see what you share this week! Have a wonderful week.

    1. Thanks Michelle! You can make them for yourself, I won't tell ;) See you again this week!

  3. Omg, those are amazing looking lunches! They put my lunches to shame haha. Love how creative and fun they are, yet nutritious too! You always have the best ideas :)

    1. Thank you Brandi! You are always to sweet. Nutrition is HUGE on my list, for my kidlets at least ;) Halloween themed lunches & snacks to come, leading up to the big event!!