Saturday, 20 October 2012

Spooktacular Healthy Kidlet Lunches

As Halloween is inching closer and closer, I have more spooktacular, healthy, kidlet lunches, as promised. Tonight at dinner we where having carrot sticks and Croque Monsier (a specialty of the hubbies) and my little guy came up with this concoction...


He just started poking the carrots into the bread and then used the ketchup for blood. Ha Ha Ha, I love it!!! I guess I have made him a few wacky lunches in his day ;) So of all the lunches that have ever come out of our kitchen, this is by far my favorite! Okay, enough gushing about my totally awesome little man ;), and onto more lunches!

This cute little lunch was made with an ordinary deviled egg recipe, egg yokes and mayo, and some green and red food colouring. I made the egg yoke mixture and added the green food coloring and cut off the corner of a Ziploc bag to pipe it back into the egg whites. I used red food colouring and a toothpick to create the eyeball 'veins' on the egg white and finished it off with a couple black olives. To create the rest of the face I used a carrot and carved some nostrils into the sides and some halved cherry tomatoes. I used mayo under all of the pieces to secure them for their travel to school.

This one is another super simple one and super cute. To make Mike Wackowski from Monsters Inc., you need two circle shaped cookie cutters or round objects you can use as a cookie cutter. I think I used a jar lid for the shape of Mike's face. First cut your top and bottom out and then assemble any kind of sandwich you like in between.  Cut a smaller circle out of cheese and place in the area of your monsters eye. Use the crust of the bread to cut two triangles for his ears and a crescent shape for his eyebrow. Attach with mayo or peanut butter, anything sticky that goes with the inside of your sandwich. Next cut some teeth shape from a piece of cheese and attach near his mouth area. Lastly, get your edible markers in black and green and draw Mike's pupil and iris and colour your mouth piece green. All done!

 And lastly, Vampire teeth and bat. Again, create any type of sandwich you like but use tortillas as your bread. I used a vampire teeth cookie cutter and a bat cookie cutter and drew the details on with the ever so trusty edible markers. Add a toothpick tomb stone and viola, yet another spooktacular lunch ;) Happy Haunting, more to come next week.

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Friday, 12 October 2012

I've Got An Eye On You-Spooky Cheese Eyeball

As we all know, Halloween is just around the corner. I don't know about you but I am SUPER excited!!! Since the move into our new neighbourhood, I seem to be extra excited this year. In our old home we had a grand total of 6 kids ring our bell and this year, that will not be the case. I can guesstimate that we will have some where around the 200 mark for kidlets and I just can't wait!!

Our old neigbourhood was so snore bore that we actually drove our kidlets to a different neighbourhood to trick or treat. Are you allowed to do that? Hope so ;)

Anyhoo, although the neighbourhood was not into the festivities, we sure were. Last year I had big plans to make this cute little Frankenstein Cheeseball for my little guys class party, but I got sick and couldn't convince myself to give up extra "get well" sleep was in no shape to make him. Soo, plan B. I had all the ingredients for a  regular ol' cheeseball, but that's not very fun or spooky. What to do, what to do? Concoct a BIG BLOODY EYEBALL!

This sucker was super easy to make and delish as well. I used the same recipe from the Frankenstein Cheese ball above, minus all the decorative parts. I made the mixture and rolled it up into a ball inside some saran wrap and placed in the fridge over night. In the morning I placed the ball in a bowl and halved a colossal olive, placed it in the center and then drizzled red food colouring from the olive down the ball. It's a little hard to see here but the food colouring really bleed into the nooks and crannies of the cheese ball and looked like the nerves. I placed the ball on a dish with blue/black corn chips, pretzel twists and crackers. Added some tomb stones and pumpkin carving knives as the cheese spreaders. That's it! Super simple and super easy!! I have more Halloween goodies to come, so poke back next week ;)

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