Sunday, 11 November 2012

Toy Central Reveal-Organization

Now that we are in the gap between holidays, I thought now would be a great time for some more organizing tips from our NEW homestead. As some of you may know, we recently built a new home and are now settled in nicely. We have converted one of our bedrooms in our home to be the main toy room. We also have a toy stash in the main living room and an Inside-Outdoor Play Area in our unfinished basement. As most families with children, we have stashes of toys EVERYWHERE. I think this is the key to organizing. If your kidlets are anything like mine, they like to be where we are. Since we don't spend ALL of our time in the playroom, there needs to be places for them to put their toys in other living areas of the home.

Since I also run a daycare, my kidlets also have small toys in their bedrooms that could be chocking hazards for the smaller children. So basically, there are toys in every room but the master bed & bath. Gee Whiz, that's a lot, I feel a purge coming on. ;) But seriously, it's not that bad. I will tour you through the rooms over the next few posts and you will see how we keep it under control!

First stop, our main living space. You may recognize the same toy storage set up from this post. Same stuff, different house! Sorry for the blurry photo, maybe Santa has an extra SLR in his bag ;) Just as in our old house, the toys are neatly tucked away in little bins that I am in LOVE with! Our movies are all tucked into the ottoman, as well as all of our remotes. We keep about half of our toy stash here and the rest in the playroom.

 And this is our new playroom!! This is where we spend most of our day, playing and reading and colouring and dancing. Again, I have storage bins! This one is my oldest storage bin that I purchased from good ol' IKEA about 5 years ago. This baby has been in most rooms of the house and when my kidlets were babies, it was a change table with a change pad strapped on top. We also have our table and chairs that are from IKEA, which is the most used piece of furniture by far!

Next we have our Reading Corner.  This is actually MY favorite place in the whole house. I wish I could snuggle up with my own books in this space but I would have a kidlet jumping on top of me in no time. This space is actually the closet and we had the electrician wire a lighting box in it for us. We removed the doors and had the inside of the closet painted the same colour as the rest of the room. I purchased the wall decal from Uppercase Living and custom picked my colours to match. I purchased the book shelves from IKEA which are actually picture ledges. The hanging pendant, also from IKEA, was a plug-in pendant light that we converted to wire into the light box. You can see it hanging better in the next photo.

On either side of our reading corner we have our dress-up and our stuffed animal section. Our dress-up is simple hooks mounted to the wall and a large plastic bin for all of the smaller dress-up bits. On the other side, mesh hanging baskets house the smaller stuffed animals and a larger bin goes underneath for the larger ones.

On the opposite side of the playroom we have our train table, play kitchen and our IKEA mirror (to check out all our cool dress-up characters we come up with). The train table is the second most used space in the room as it is a great place for tea parties and building of any kind. Above the train table I have our Circle Time Board that we use for my preschoolers at Circle Time. I'll go more into detail on that in another post ;)

Lastly, another view of the playroom. I am loving a room specifically dedicated to MOST of the toys!!  Although it does not look like this most of the time, it's a space for the kids to mess up freely and clean up at the end of the day.

Thanks for stopping by as always. See you soon ;)

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