Sunday, 24 February 2013

Date With Daddy

I think the relationship that my daughter forms with her Daddy is of utmost importance. She spends the day with me, and yes we have dates too, but Daddy-Daughter dates are a must around here. I've had the extreme luck to marry, what I think, is the best man walking this planet! Tall order right ;) Our kidlets observe on a daily basis how spouses should treat one another in a marriage, although sometimes we fail at this, which I think is ok because they also see how we pick each other up again and still love unconditionally. We are not perfect around here by any means. I think these Daddy-Daughter dates are a time to teach my daughter how she should be treated in a relationship in the future. So we make a big deal around here from start to finish!!

Of course, first we have to choose our outfit, a tough decision for this little girl. I gave her four choices so we wouldn't be there all day.

After 10 minutes of going back and forth she decided on this one.

Then we did her hair. She decided on braids and a pink bow.

Once she was all ready, Daddy nipped out to pick her up some flowers because every girl deserves flowers on a first date, no matter what! He knocked on the door and she answered it so excited to find Daddy AND pink flowers (her favorite colour) to boot.

Typically you don't kiss on the first date, but this was an exception ;)

She loved them! Her very first dozen roses and they came from her Daddy as they should. 

She wanted to bring a rose with her so we put them in some water and took one out for the road.

They dined on chocolate milk and fish n' chips. A gourmet meal if you ask me!

And most importantly, she was learning how to be treated by her future dates in her life, with respect and kindness.

We saved and dried one of the roses and I placed it in a window box with a photo from her first date with Daddy. It hangs in her bedroom as a reminder of her first date with her Daddy and she will have many many more before her dates are no longer ONLY with her Daddy.

So all you Daddy's out there, go ask your beautiful daughters out on a date and get teaching them how they should be treated in this world. It's the little things in life that matter and remember to leave your phone in your pocket, it is VERY rude to be on it in the presence of a lady ;)

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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Where Have I Been?

WOW!! It's 2013, a New Year and where have I been?? Well I hit my blogiversary in December and I honestly have been just on a time out. I've been contemplating if I want to keep blogging, why I blog and why I would continue to do so. I have found over the year that my ambitions for my blog changed somewhere along the way. I started this blog for me, some place I could just get out all the ideas that exist in my head and maybe be some inspiration to one person somewhere.

As time went along I felt pressure to do certain things in order to grow my blog and branch out. This pressure of course was all my own. I felt if I wasn't linking to as many parties as possible, no one was stopping by and then what was the point?? So I would get up before anyone else in the house and link my post to as many as I could and browse and comment to my fair share which is proper etiquette. Then it started to be too much.

I don't blog or link or browse or comment anytime during the day and not unless my kids are sleeping and my husband is busy doing something. I'm not judging those who do, this is just how I roll. It's my rule. This is MY hobby, it's not meant to impede on my mothering or my marriage and I felt the pull to jeopardize this time (again, my own pressure) was becoming great. I felt if this line wasn't crossed, my blog just could not survive.

So I stopped blogging cold turkey and just took some time to get some new perspective. I discovered that if I look at the facts (monetary gain, followers), I get overwhelmed and like the break but then I make a cute lunch or organize something and miss sharing. So this is what I have come up with...well actually, I've just gone back to the basic reason I started this in the first place, to share. No blogging world, link party, monetary gain, followers pressures. Just blogging to share to that one person that's not my mom out there, YOU!

This DOESN'T have to be that blog that is discovered by the Ellen Show, it's my little ol' blog that is created by a Full-time Mom, Full-time Wife and Full-time Daycare Provider that I love. I can not be everything ALL the time, even though I so desperately strive to. I'm just one person who will blog when I blog, link when I link and maybe one day figure out how this whole thing works. I'm taking the pressure off. I may NEVER sell an ad space because, even after a year, I don't know how to begin that process. And although I could read the post on my Pinterest board showing me how, clearly I just rather not right now.

So after 1 year of blogging, I am still a novice at this whole thing, and that's ok! Now that that's off my chest, I would love if you would stick around and see what happens next ;) Happy Belated New Year!!