Friday, 18 October 2013

A Spooktacular Halloween, On A Budget

Halloween is around the corner and it is my second favorite holiday of the year (behind Christmas of course). I am a big believer that nice things don't need to come with a HUGE budget. All you need is a small budget and a little imagination!

 As a Daycare Provider one might think that we keep it cutesy cutsey around here, this is not true. Although we are definitely not out for guts and gore, we are out to have a little Halloween fun!

Take a look, if you dare! Bwahahahahahahahahaha...cahcah...bluhh...ecchh. Ahem.

I kept the front hall pretty simple and high, away from tiny hands and mouths. Some of these decorations I've collected from the dollar store as well as Michaels Arts & Crafts. A few skulls, black roses and blood dripping candles does the trick in a jiffy.

We give our candy out in a spooky witch hand caldron that is animated and cackles. It is one of the kidlets favorite decorations and needs to be shown to all entering victims...uhum...guests ;)

This year we added a huge fuzzy spider to the mix and my kidlets thought he would look great climbing the banister, I have to agree.

My son requested a graveyard with smoke this year and I think it will be a hit come Halloween. Some of the tombstones came from the dollar store and some came from Walmart.

I made the witches leg from two of those severed legs you can buy at the dollar store and stuffed them in some stripped hose. I purchased some old shoes from Value Village and spray painted them red (they were previously black) and once that dried, I used Elmers Spray Adhesive all over shoes. I sprinkled some red glitter I had also found at the dollar store onto them, and they were ready to go!

Every graveyard needs some bones. All my bones have come from the dollar store over the years.

The front stoop has a light up Skull head which I found at Shoppers a few years ago AFTER Halloween when their post-holiday things go on major clearance sale. He might have been something around $10 down from $40.00. And of course, no stoop is complete without a witches broom and some pumpkins.

My door sign I purchased at Michaels. About a month before holidays, they typically place their holiday decor on sale for 40% off. Watch for it! The decals I found at Lowes of all places, they are part of a large decal set I placed on our garage.

I think the decals are my favorite part and the price was so good I bought another one for next year as well :)

Lastly, we hang a few scary dudes and we were done. This guy was another clearance item after Halloween. It's the best time to buy higher priced items, it's like they're giving them away. I'm pretty sure this one came from Walmart. 

Again, another clearance item, I found this zombie at Loblaws after Halloween, another steal.

And this witch shouldn't have been texting while riding. I found her at Lowes this year full price, but a good price.

Do you go all out for certain holidays? Have a safe and spooktacular Halloween this year and thanks, as always, for stopping by!!

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  1. What fantastic ideas. The spider is my favourite followed by your grave yard.

  2. GREAT ideas! Seriously that spider is amazing and the pieces for the mantle you chose work beautiful together!! Thanks for sharing on Sunday FUNday!

  3. I saw many Halloween celebrations by spending lots of money, but this idea is really good for budgeted celebration of Halloween Day. Granite Headstones