Wednesday, 16 October 2013

House Reveal Part 1: Curb Appeal

Where in Sam Hill have I been? It appears that I dropped off the face of the Earth. I did, in fact, drop right out of blogging land and for no other reason than, I just wasn't feelin' it!

Back in February I had full intentions of returning to regular blogging but I just hit a block. Nothing to say, nothing to write, no pictures to take. I was just stuck!

Over the last year we have built, moved and settled in to our new home and I am in love with this place. For the first time since I was a kid, I can walk out my door and see friendly, familiar faces eager to say 'Hello' and chin wag. This to me is priceless. I grew up in a tiny tiny hamlet, if you will, that only had a corner store and everyone knew everyone, I mean EVERYONE. When I moved to a much bigger city in highschool the familiar-ness seemed to disappear at the waist side. I lived in apartments, houses and condos over the years and that neighbourhood feeling was lost. So when we moved to our new neighbourhood, it was a breath of fresh air, and a chance to get comfortable!

Over the past several months we have become very comfortable and I'm excited to finally find something to blog about and something to share :D Here's to hoping I'm UNstuck!

Last November I shared this post with you of our Toy Organization around here, and I just wanted to reveal a little more of our homestead.

The exterior of our home has been the longest transition since we moved in, and really has just finally finished up a few weeks ago. Our home over the last year has gone from this...

To this!

First we had our sod delivered and our driveway laid and then we got to work on our garden. I used this AMAZING tool called Plan-A-Garden, which is a free online landscaping tool. I chose a house that had a similar shape that I could work with, it wasn't exact at all, but I could envision my home over the one choosen.

This is what the plan looked like from the Plan-A-Garden once I was done:

Once I had the plan, I printed it out and brought it to the garden center. I wrangled some help because I am a "former" black thumb (in training to be something that hints at green;), and we went shopping! The worker at the garden center was extremely helpful and actually took some time to show me what 'medium watering' is (Huh?), as well as helping me pick out proper plants.

Here it is a little closer.

After the garden was complete I just needed a screen door and the front was complete! We purchased a wood door and painted it as well as the hardware which was originally white, had my Dad come help with hanging (aren't Dad's great!) and VOILA, we're done!

Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek at our home. There will be more to come from inside shortly (hopefully with better quality photos). ;)

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  1. What plants did you use along the walkway with your hanging lights? How big will they get? Looks nice!

  2. Thanks so much. They are round boxwoods. They can be planted and grown together to make a wall type plant but these guys spaced out have only double in size and they are a trimable shrub so you can shape them how you like them or keep them smaller. Thanks for stopping by!

    1. Thus is exactly what I am looking for! I absolutely love your path and hope to replicate this on my driveway! Thank you!

  3. I love what you did with your driveway border. Mine is so plain. I'll probably try to replicate something like this for mine. :)

  4. That turned out beautiful. Great job!

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  6. I may try the last one on the side of your driveway. I live in a small house, nothing on the side of the home. want to protect my sprinklers. Thanks for the ideas.

  7. Driveway looks fantastic. Those bricks/edging stones that sit between your flowerbeds and driveway - are those Home Depot, Lowes, etc. type stones? Thanks, Gary Z.

  8. Where did you find the hanging lights?! So cute!!