Friday, 10 January 2014

Kitchen Cupboard Organization

Happy New Year Everyone! January is a great time to get out with the old and in with the new...newly organized kitchen cabinets that is. 

I am a VERY organized person by nature. If you gave me a space that was solely my own, it would be prim and proper and organized to perfection. The thing is, there are no such spaces like that in a lived in home with a husband and two children, all while running a full-time daycare with seven kidlets each and every day. Although things start in an organized fashion, life happens and then you end up with cabinets full of things you've just stashed away and then BOOM! a big unorganized mess ensues. 

I like to deal with this mess by completely reorganizing spaces approximately bi-yearly to suit your needs. When I organize I like to pull absolutely EVERYTHING out of a cabinet (or whichever space you are working on) and work with a clean slate. I'm going to show you my reorganization from one side of my kitchen to the other. 

Before you pull anything out of your cabinets, get yourself and pen and paper and make a rough draft of your kitchen cabinets. After you have them on your paper you need to decide what shelves you want to contain what. This is a huge help when you are piled high with STUFF and forget what you wanted to put where. No need to strees, just consult your plan. I like to check off which cabinet I've done as I go along, makes me feel like I've accomplished something. Go ahead try it, it's fun! Well...that's if organizing floats your boat and it sure does over here ;) Once you have your plan you can at this point figure out if there are any organization tools you need to purchase to aide in organization. I knew I needed some bins and that I wanted my oils to go on a Lazy Susan. I purchased those and I was ready to go.

Now start with your first cabinet and empty that sucker out. Remember, before you fill your cabinet back up to give it a good wipe down. My first cabinet is full of plastic containers and this is also where we store our medications and things we use on a daily bases. Things pile and pile and spread and spread.

Once I had completely cleared out the cabinet, I consulted my plan and started putting stuff back in. I needed a high cabinet for all our medicines and poisonous things, to be clear out of reach from little hands. I also wanted to use baskets to help contain our regularly used vitamins and medicines. I removed a large portion of the plastic containers and just have the ones I use daily for the kids lunches here. This cabinet holds all the things we use daily and many many times during the day.

Below this cabinet, I forgot to take a before picture, but it contained our large mixing bowls and small electric appliances. Now the cabinet contains more of the daily items we use, all in one part of the kitchen. This is the after photo.

The next few upper cabinets from my plan are our cups, plates and bowls. I did not organize them as they were in good shape and I didn't need or want to move anything around in them. 

My next cabinet was a catch all for lots of things. Toaster, lunch pails, party trays and things we rarely use. I forgot to take a before pic of cabinet, but just imagine all this stuff packed in ;)

I decided I wanted to have all my small appliances in one place as they were slightly spread out before. I also put our plastics that we use less often in this cabinet. Still accessible but in a less desirable place of the kitchen.

Next up was our spice and oil cabinet. I found this cabinet was getting too small for my spices and oils so I moved them elsewhere.

I wanted this cabinet instead to house our cereals and snacks. We are clean eaters and don't really have a lot of dried goods to store in cabinets so the smaller space was all I needed.

Next cabinet was above the stove. This area had become a place to really just stuff things I wanted put up and out of my way. It was a MESS!

 I decided above the stove was a great place to put my cookbooks!

Next cabinet did house our snacks but had grown full of junk from Christmas Holidays and needed a good clean out. As mentioned before, we are a clean eating family but not at Christmas time. We indulge in the season, host parties and put on the 'Holiday 5lbs' with pride and enjoyment!! But it's back to reality and some of these things need to go. 

As mentioned previously, I needed a larger cabinet for my spices and oils. Now they are all together on their own shelves and ready for dinner making. This is also where I used my Lazy Susan I purchased. Now all my regularly used oils can spin around for easy access.

Next was the cabinet above the fridge. This was a catch all space as well, ugh! I also forgot to take a before picture of this, I was just too excited to be organizing I guess ;) Anyways, this was the mess that was above the fridge. 

And this is what it looks like now. Looking at this picture, I have noticed my crock pot needs a good exterior scrub. Ah well, another day.

Last stop on the organization train is the pantry. The organization that once was, was just falling apart. Needed a good clean through and purge of some of the junk foods. 

When my family and I started clean eating, almost 1 year ago, we went 100% all in, no junk ANYWHERE! We lost over 100lbs collectively in the process, but during the journey we also realized that reality still needed a place as well. We like to entertain dinner guests and I love to bake and make goodies for people, but I also understand they may not enjoy the clean foods our family loves. So over the past year of learning we had got rid of anything unclean just to turn around and introduce some products back into our home in the hopes that our guests WANT to come back for dinner :) 

This is what our pantry looked like before, a mish mash of overflow.

And the after. Everything has a home, including some of our unclean products. Here are some more of the bins I purchased. Your organization does not need to be expensive, the dollar store is your best friend when it comes to organizing. 

That's it! My kitchen reorganization is complete...for now. And it will likely be a hot mess in another 6 months but that's ok, I'll just roll my sleeves up and get back in there. The older I get (not that I'm old by any means) I am coming to the realization and a comfort that my home doesn't need to be perfect on the inside all the time. This is a slow process but I'm getting there, day by day. This doesn't mean that if you showed up to my door unannounced, I wouldn't still have an internal panic attack from the imperfect state of my home, but I am getting better. My mother is able to come by unannounced and I don't die a thousands death like I would have 5 years ago. My best friend has seen the likes of the kidlets bathroom, toothpaste spit marks and all. I didn't die from this event. I am learning to let go of those strings a lot, in the effort to have happy and healthy kidlets that don't feel that they can't LIVE in their own home or that their mother was always too busy cleaning instead of playing with them. You really will just have to mind the mess, since we ARE busy making memories. This home is LIVED in, it gets messy and we clean it up :) 

Thanks for stopping by and happy organizing!!

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  1. This is great motivation for me to organize my kitchen. We are planning to paint our cabinets this weekend and I don't want to do that and then open up my pretty new cabinets and see a disorganized mess. I'm going to make an organization plan!

    1. Thank you. Good luck with your cabinet painting, it is such an immediate facelift in a kitchen :) Happy planning and thanks for stopping by!!

    2. Looks great! I liked that you made a plan to help stay on track. The kitchen is one of those jobs that's easy to put off but so satisfying when finished. Congratulations :)

  2. great job on organizing all of the areas look great
    I hope you will hop over and share with us at Tell Me About It Tuesday (

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