Friday, 28 February 2014

Lego Themed Birthday Party

This past birthday, my son decided that he wanted a Lego themed party and I was excited to plan it! This happened over the summer and I'm just getting around to blogging about it now. Ugh.

Every year, on birthday morning, we have a birthday muffin for breakfast and sing 'Happy Birthday'. This year lemon poppy seed was the muffin of choice.

Planning this party took lots of Pinterest hours and manual hours putting everything together, but as with all crafters, it's always worth it in the end ;) Hopefully this collection will cut out some of those research hours for you guys out there. I decided to stick to three main colours in my Lego theme, blue, red and Lego yellow.

I constructed this banner from two different sources, here and here. I printed the letters out on white paper and then glued them onto red card stock for stability. I did the same with the 3 Lego men and glued them on yellow card stock. Once I had all the separate pieces, I hot glued the men and letters to some yellow wrapping ribbon, about 1/2 inch thick, and attached to the mantel. You could hang this anywhere, even above your food table or entrance area.

Next up was the food table. I started by buying two yellow plastic table clothes from the dollar store and put one down to create the skirt and the second one for gathering the corners. On the two ends I just tied a knot and in the center I gathered the table cloth into a ruching and stapled. Then I taped a Lego head from my straw toppers (link below) over top to hide staple.

One either side of the table, sticking with my colours, I placed one bunch of balloons in red, blue and yellow. I placed another bunch of balloons in the living room where the games would be.

Above the table I wanted something as well, but with the window I was limited with what to do. I decided to hang two staggered red tissue fans I found at a party store.

In the living room, I set up some things for the kidlets to do while the we were waiting for everyone to arrive.

I had a pile of Lego men colouring pages, found here, and some Lego crayons I purchased at the party store. The sign was made from a blue and yellow piece of card stock. I typed up my signs in Word using the Lego font, found here, and printed them on yellow card stock, cut them out and glued them to a slightly larger blue piece of card stock. On the corners I used my hole puncher and punched out red 'Lego bumps' for the corners. I did laminate mine, because I'm obsessed with laminating things, but that step does not need to be done. I displayed signs in a few Lego blocks.

I also set up a game of "Guess How Many Lego Blocks" for the kidlets to fill out to win a prize. I put some ballots in a cup that I created in Word and printed out on yellow card stock again.

Once all the kidlets arrived, we ate! I had red punch in our drink container and labelled it 'Building Fuel'. I made the sign in Word again, printed it on yellow card stock and then just layered that onto a larger blue circle and then a larger red one. Plates, cups and napkins were purchased from the dollar store in coordinating colours. I printed off some Lego heads, found here, and taped them onto straws.

The cutlery was in the same blue and red and I built a container for them out of my sons Lego pieces. I also placed Lego people around the table for some added decoration. What's a Lego Party without Lego?! ;)

Next came the food labels. I did the same as I did above with the 'Create Your Own Lego Man' sign. I kept the food a mix of healthy and junk and all went down the hatch for the most part.

Veggie Tray

Fruit cups
These popcorn boxes were one of the first things I found. I bought them on clearance at the party store several months before the party. I liked the colours and that the circles mimicked Lego bumps.


The Jello cups were a big hit with the kidlets. They were small and they just squeezed them right from the cups into their bellies. I bought coordinating Jello colours and made them in these little red shot plastic shot glasses. These of course did not contain alcohol.

I made this cute little Lego crackers & cheese. I actually used one of my kidlets playdoh rolling pins to get the circles for the crackers. I attached the 'bumps' to the crackers with a little dab of cream cheese.

Pepperoni Pizza cut in blocks for 'Lego Pizza' & M&M cookies

After we ate we got into the games. The first game we played was Lego Car Races. The kidlets dug through the Lego to build their cars.

When everyone was done, we raced them. Winner raced the next person until we had the last vehicle standing! Winner received a prize.

After the races we played a Lego version of Hot Potato. Everyone got a spoon, stood in a circle, and passed the Lego piece. If you dropped it, you were out. Last one standing won a prize.

While the kidlets were doing the games, we cleaned up the table and got the dessert table ready. I just rearranged things already around from above. Than we ate cake!

I had a local cake lady make the cake for me. 


Then it was time to open gifts!!

We thanked all of our guests with Lego themed goodie bags. I made the bags from punching large circles out of card stock and used raised glue dots to attach them onto blue paper bags. My sons friends got some Lego candies, a Lego figure and a Lego travel case. It was a great day!

And that's our  Lego Themed Birthday Party in a nut shell. Thanks for stopping by. Happy crafting! ;)

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